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Service special issue
Concerns about security, reliability and affordability of power supplies continue to be at the top of the agenda for both business and government. There has never been a greater emphasis on the need to ‘keep the lights on’. This has further reinforced the link between power network reliability and asset management.

Naturally, the high quality and long lifetime of the products and systems used in power network assets play a key role. ABB has been contributing to these high quality standards for over 100 years, driving some of the major breakthroughs in technology such as the introduction of gas insulated switchgear (GIS).
However, even the best designed and engineered products will age through time and use and finally reach obsolescence. Varying electrical, mechanical and environmental stresses mean that individual installations of the same type can actually age differently. The technical and economical lifespan of power network assets are also influenced by their location and importance within the systems.
Clearly, there are two key factors that determine the ultimate reliability of a network – quality products and quality service.
So we are delighted to introduce this special issue of ffwd that explains ABB’s service philosophy for power assets. For each and every asset, from switchgear, cables and transformers through to control systems, we have a proven, fast-track service concept.
This service portfolio ranges from early, preventive detection of potential failures – see for example the article on radiography – to repair, replacement and retrofit – as outlined in the article on our medium voltage circuit breaker retrofit programme.
It is ABB’s fundamental belief that the design, engineering and installation of power systems and products is only just the beginning of our relationship with customers. We aim to provide comprehensive, service throughout the life of the asset, to ensure that it always offers peak performance and maximum reliability and optimum return on investment.

Stephen TrotterDavid Hughes
Division Head of ABB Power Systems
UK & Ireland
Division Head of ABB Power Systems
UK & Ireland