Relion® ISG - your guide to the Relion product family

2012-12-19 - Relion® Interactive Selection Guide (ISG) is designed for finding a suitable protection and control device within the Relion product family – simply a few clicks.
The new online application has a convenient interface to anyone who makes the first acquaintance with the Relion® offering for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems for IEC and ANSI applications.

The name of the application, Interactive Selection Guide, literally stands for the intention to provide assistance in finding a suitable Relion product or product variants. This underlines that the ISG does not offer the only preferred solution, nor is it a product configurator. The ISG is simply an online selection tool.

In the ISG, the user selects step by step the preferred option from the predefined application areas, substation types and IEC or ANSI standards. You will be presented with a suitable Relion IED after a maximum of five clicks.

Find your Relion IED at

The Interactive Selection Guide (ISG) is an online selection guide for ABB's Relion product family. The ISG is not a configuration tool. For further information, please take a look in product documentation or contact the ABB representative.