Exploring tomorrow’s distribution grid at ABB’s global DA Partner Conference 2017

2017-07-07 - Around a hundred business partners and their main ABB contacts from more than twenty countries and six continents gathered for the Distribution Automation Partner Conference 2017 in Vaasa, Finland in the beginning of June. The conference took a closer look at recent developments within distribution automation and showed how ABB’s groundbreaking products and cutting-edge technology can be combined to create solutions for the customers’ business requirements.

At the DA Partner Conference 2017, the sales and product management teams introduced ABB’s full DA portfolio via presentations, demonstrations and discussions. The focus was on exploring a selection of vital applications within distribution protection and control and the solutions ABB can offer.

The business partners also had the valuable opportunity to network face-to-face with DA’s management team, technical experts and other partners from around the world, as well as visit ABB’s Medium Voltage Products factory and its manufacturing facilities. Watch the video interview to find out what SangHwa Lee, Nikol Rabata and Taavi Ristimäe considered to be the key takeaway from the conference and how they see their partnership with ABB in the future.

Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo being interviewed at the DAPC 2017
Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo from Havilah-Trend International Ltd., in Nigeria, sees great business potential in his country. With ABB’s innovative technology, increased speed and strong support he considers the distribution automation business prospects to be very promising. Dr. Ehiorobo enjoyed the informative agenda of the conference.

"The event is very innovative and interesting. It has broadened my knowledge of the latest technology, especially the Rogowski system and ABB’s discovery related to earth-fault protection," said Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo. The full video interview is available here.

Watch the recordings of the live streamed presentations on the applications
in focus – next-generation earth-fault protection, advanced fault management, interconnection protection for renewable and distributed generation, as well as life cycle management – to learn more about ABB’s pioneering approach. Also the demonstrations, showing ABB’s innovative solutions in action, were recorded.

Earth-fault protectionAdvanced fault managementInterconnection protectionLife cycle management
Live stream recordingLive stream recordingLive stream recordingLive stream recording
Demo introductionDemo introductionDemo introductionDemo introduction

Enjoy a short video for some memorable moments and scenes from the Distribution Automation Partner Conference 2017: