New software makes complex robotic picking and packing accessible to more customers than ever before

2014-03-12 - RobotStudio Picking PowerPac saves up to 80% in programming time when compared with traditional methods.

As an industrial benchmark for more than 13 years, ABB’s PickMaster software is already the market leader for easy configuration of complicated robotic picking and packing systems. The Picking PowerPac goes one step further and condenses this advanced application experience into a comprehensive and truly easy-to-use complement to PickMaster 3 which boosts the performance of picking lines with thorough optimization in the virtual world before lines are built in the real world.

By adding the Picking PowerPac to PickMaster 3 and RobotStudio, both programming and conceptualization of picking systems is simplified. With the Picking PowerPac, risks in designing picking lines — such as the variations in the product inflow — can be tested and minimized. The software allows for the improvement of existing lines configured using Pickmaster 3 by recording current product flow with cameras and then feeding them into the Picking PowerPac for validation and optimization.

“As a company we put a lot of effort into creating solutions that are truly innovative and address real needs among our customers,” says ABB Product Manager Klas Bengtsson. “With the Picking PowerPac, we have combined the precision, power and reliability found in all of ABB Robotics’ software with the ease-of-use and simulation capabilities of ABB’s RobotStudio.”

The add-in allows both novice and advanced users alike to easily design picking installations and create simulations of the systems that will eventually run in the real world. “Picking PowerPac solves the problem of finding trained and experienced robot programmers by addressing the growing need for a simple programming method for complicated picking systems,” adds Bengtsson.

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