South African Asphalt plant standardizes on ABB’s Dodge bearings and reducers

2017-08-31 - Looking for more up-time, Much Asphalt officials select products that are easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain and engineered for reliability in harsh conditions.
Dodge ISN spherical roller bearings and Quantis gear reducers packaged with ABB motors have delivered reliability at the PMB Much Asphalt plant. The company has now standardized on these products for their other 14 plants.Dodge ISN spherical roller bearings and Quantis gear reducers packaged with ABB motors have delivered reliability at the PMB Much Asphalt plant. The company has now standardized on these products for their other 14 plants.

Much Asphalt is South Africa’s largest commercial supplier of hot and cold asphalt products, operating 15 static plants, including the Pietermaritzburg (PMB) facility in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

With a goal of doubling PMB’s daily 720 ton production, plant Supervisor Clayton Sageantes began work to upgrade the equipment, including the gearing and bearings on 14 different conveyors, drying drums and high-speed exhaust and blower fans.

Sageantes had previous experience with Dodge bearings and gear reducers and knew first hand they could handle the plants’ dusty, hot and humid conditions. ABB’s local Dodge Sales Engineer, Mervin Govender, helped specify the right products, starting with ISN spherical roller bearings.

“The ISN features the Trident triple lip sealing system which is very effective in protecting the bearing in dirty environments, says Govender. “I also believed Mr. Sageantes would appreciate that the ISN is factory sealed and greased, arrives in one piece and is out-of-the-box ready to install.”

According to Sageantes, the ISN was exactly the product he needed.

“The unique mounting system on the ISN bearing saved us quite a lot of time during installation,” says Sageantes. “More importantly, this bearing, along with the Dodge setscrew bearings we’ve installed, have the best sealing systems I have ever seen. These products have outlasted all of the competitive brands we’ve ever used at the plant.”

Dodge Quantis motorized shaft mount (MSM) gear reducers were specified for the belt conveyor applications, and Sageantes was equally pleased at how easy they were to install.

“The twin-tapered bushings featured on this reducer are a pleasure when fitting the product on the shaft,” says Sageantes. “This bushing system will also make it easy to remove the reducer if needed. This simple solution solves a major problem we’ve had trying to remove other brands of reducers from the shaft, a problem that has caused us a lot of downtime.”

Authorized Quantis build center, Super Armature Winders (SAW), provided the Quantis units packaged with ABB LV IEC motors. Local service became critical when Sageantes realized he made a mistake regarding the conveyor speed when the reducers’ ratios were being configured.

“I didn’t realize the mistake until after we installed the units and started them up,” explain Sageantes. “When we called SAW to let them know, they immediately traveled 720 kilometers from Kimberley to assist us with gear changes on-site. Unbelievable service and great products means we will continue to convert our other plants to Dodge gearing and bearings, and I would highly recommend these products to others.”

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Much Asphalt PMG plant supervisor Clayton Sageantes says he chose ABB’s motors and Dodge mechanical products for the upgrade because he knew from experience they could handle the harsh conditions and provide more conveyor uptime.



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