Efficient ABB transformers help power Mondi Swiecie’s mill

2017-02-09 - Giant dry-type transformers of 4.3 m in height and 38 tons in weight enable a high level of energy efficiency and safety
A considerable amount of electricity is lost between the generating source and the end user and a significant part can be attributed to losses in transformers. This means industrial customers, like Mondi Swiecie S.A., a major European containerboard manufacturer in Poland, look for advanced transformer technologies that can deliver exceptional efficiency and performance.

ABB supplied, installed and commissioned two 20.5 kilovolt (kV), 25-megavolt ampere (MVA) vacuum cast coil dry-type transformers at the Mondi Swiecie mill. The mill has been using ABB-power equipment for years, including transformers, switchgear and other electrical systems. Positive past experiences convinced the customer to use ABB’s dry-type transformer technology.

Mondi Swiecie S.A. production plant ©Mondi Group

Higher efficiency, lower cost and noise
These large (4.3 meters high, 38 tons) transformers considerably exceed the energy efficiency requirements set out by the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive, which establishes minimum transformer efficiency standards.

ABB recommended transformer units that ensure much higher levels of energy efficiency, making it easier to maintain a sufficiently low temperature at the transformer station. For the end user, this means lower operating costs and noise levels.

In addition to providing high efficiency ratings, ABB’s dry transformer technology is non-flammable, comprising of special insulation that minimizes the risk of overheating so that even high-power ratings do not require additional cooling fans.

Enormous savings potential
The most efficient transformers can reduce losses by up to 60% compared to the less efficient transformers in use today. ABB can provide transformers with the lowest losses by utilizing the best materials available and by optimizing design and manufacturing processes.

The opportunities for energy savings are potentially enormous because transformers account for about three percent of global electricity consumption; their number in emerging markets is set to almost triple by 2030.

ABB is an experienced supplier of dry-type, high-power transformers for industrial and public facilities with a product range that includes units rated up to 63-MVA and is the only company to have produced and successfully completed all tests for a 145 (kV) dry-type transformer. ABB’s transformer portfolio includes power transformers rated up to 1,200 kV, dry- and liquid-distribution transformers, traction and special application transformers, as well as related services and components.

Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, employing around 25,000 people across more than 30 countries. Key operations are located in central Europe, Russia and South Africa.