UPDATE: Important info regarding gate units, IGCT's and control boards

2018-10-24 - There is a severe global availability problem for certain MV boards that are used in ACS1000, ACS5000 and ACS6000 product families. Please take this into account when offering these parts to your customers.
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Currently our semiconductor and electronics suppliers, including their sub suppliers (electronics components, silicon wafers), are experiencing severe difficulties to supply a substantial part of our demand on time. The global demand in automotive and other fast-growing industries exceeds the available capacity of our suppliers. Unfortunately, this has an impact on the semiconductors and electronics which we need in our MV Drives converters.

Please find below a summary of the initiated short- and mid-term actions in order to stabilize and get back on track with the deliveries. We have formed a task force to address the issue and have initiated multiple measures. These include but are not limited to:

• Identify semiconductor and electronics running into shortage, define priorities where possible
• Secure component allocation for suppliers via ABB channels where possible
• Regular calls with suppliers and supplier management to track improvement activities
• Supplier process review to understand bottle necks and to review related improvement plan
• Involve second source suppliers where possible

• Regularly analyzing global demand and matching it to continuously improving supplier pipeline
• Re-assess forecast process in the past as well as for the future (18 months ahead required) and initiate resulting actions
• Follow up with supplier management

Please see attached updated excel file for materials we are currently facing availability problems. This excel file will be updated every Tuesday until the situation is more stable. We have still been able to deliver urgent spare part orders but material availability situation continue to be challenging especially with IGCT's and Gate Driver Boards. We continue weekly check up meetings internally and with sub-suppliers.

Material codes.xlsxMaterial codes.xlsx

As we are unable to confirm the exact delivery date at this point, please contact your CSS in case more information is needed.

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Satu Kaukaranta