ABB in Cote D’Ivoire ensures its commitment on the fight against HIV


The ribbon of solidarity will never be broken…..
On Monday December 2nd, 2013 ABB in Cote D’Ivoire Magloire Elogne Country Manager and his team gathered on the occasion of the Commemoration of the World AIDS Day to show their commitment and support to the fight against aids. And celebrated “Zero Deaths” related to AIDS in the past 10 years.

Magloire Elogne Country Manager, and Logon Kouame, Doctor and employees created a picture in which they stood very closely together to form the” ribbon” which is an international symbol that is carried near the heart, to show solidarity with the people living with IHV/AIDS.

A reminder to all employees and visitors that HIV/AIDS is not a fatality but a reality and that they must not forget the goal ‘’Zero new HIV infections’’. It also assures the employees living with HIV/AIDS that the company supports them and applies firmly the rule of ‘’Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths’’.

If we work very closely together to reach this goal, this ribbon of solidarity will never be broken.