MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour training
at ABB in Thailand boosts new
business opportunities in Asia

2013-05-07 - MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour is a world wide tour where we offer personal training to our most important business partners and Local Engineering Centers. The tour is targeted to sales and project management, since the aim of the training is to create awarness about new features as well as new business opportunities in MicroSCADA Pro applications.
The training room in Bangkok was full of excited attendees

Release tour training in Bangkok was well received since the first tour day. The training room was full of attendees and exceptionally even few end customers were invited to participate. The release tour participants had different background with MicroSCADA Pro; some attendees had worked with it for already 15 years and some of the trainees had just recently heard the name MicroSCADA Pro for the first time. But there was at least one thing in common to our ABB colleagues in Thailand: all were looking forward to deepen their knowledge about MicroSCADA Pro products.

“I need to update my knowledge to get something new to be able to sell more” replied Amnat Tanprasertkul from Sales and Project Management, to the question why he had joined the training. “I have worked with MicroSCADA Pro for 15 years now, I know quite a lot, but an update is always really useful. I felt that I especially needed training with the features of MicroSCADA Pro and product development plan together with new application areas. And since we are trying to expand to new areas, we need more confidence to represent to the customer.”

True confidence comes from knowledge and success. In selling this can mean that you are more likely to sell the product with confidence, if you know it well and have successful experiences selling it. “In Release tour the target is to get our business partners to see the potential of new business opportunities, with the training we also want to give our partners assurance to sell”, says Jussi Ahola, Market development manager of MicroSCADA Pro.

Release tour had participants from different kind of backrounds involving MicroSCADA Pro

Confidence is something that also Sattaya Phiunual, a Service Sales Engineer for Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar markets pointed out. Sattaya said that after the training she had gained the confidence to speak and present MicroSCADA Pro to the customer. With eight months experience in this position at ABB she explained that the training was very useful to her, since now she can answer directly to her customers questions regarding MicroSCADA Pro - without checking every time from a more senior colleague. Sattaya sees, that she can especially benefit from the training in her work, since the Myanmar market is opening and ABB in Thailand has a good potential for projects with MicroSCADA Pro.