Full suite of ABB products coming soon for the oil and gas industry!

Manufacturing, testing and support to be performed by the Bartlesville factory which manufactures Totalflow products for the oil and gas industry
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, December 17, 2012 ABB, the leading automation technology company, will begin to expand product offerings in an effort to supply customers an entire oil and gas solution. The Bartlesville factory, which manufactures Totalflow products, along with the Totalflow sales team will be taking the lead as the primary contact within the Measurement Products business unit for the oil and gas industry.

In 2012, they expanded their offerings to provide another level measurement device, K-Tek Guided Wave Radar. Taking it a step further, ABB plans to rapidly expand their offerings in the oil and gas industry in 2013 with a product expansion that will include everything from temperature & pressure transmitters, IP Converters, to valve positioners. They will also expand their flow measurement products to include coriolis, wedge, vortex, mag, and swirl meters to help with the measuring of oil and water applications. Another item they are excited to introduce after a recent acquisition is their offering of Tropos products which establishes a wireless mesh-network for many applications.
Please contact your local salesman for more information on when to expect these products.
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