Remote asset management made easy

2017-12-19 - Remote management of up to 1,000 RIO600 units is now possible with the Arctic family of wireless communication products.
ABB is streamlining its wireless communication products portfolio to make building the complete wireless communication system for remote asset management easier. Introducing support for additional frequency bands for the wireless gateway ARG600 makes the Arctic products available also to the North and South American markets.

The unique Arctic Patrol device management application, which is embedded in the centrally located M2M gateway ARM600 and used for supervision of communication links and remote management of Arctic gateways and controllers, is now able to also manage ABB’s remote I/O unit RIO600. Arctic Patrol conveniently allows simultaneous updating of both the configuration and the firmware of up to 1,000 RIO600 units via the Arctic communication devices – saving time and money.

When used for advanced fault passage indication in grid automation applications, RIO600 is able to detect all types of earth faults with unequaled accuracy, irrespective of the type of network. Combining RIO600 with the Arctic wireless controller ARC600 significantly increases the number of controllable devices and offers a cost-effective solution for utilities to manage remote assets in distribution networks.

ABB is committed to ensuring an optimal level of cyber security to safeguard the entire wireless communication system, employing measures such as secure VPN tunneling, firewalls and private IP addressing. The Arctic products naturally comply with today’s strict cyber security requirements.

The Arctic family offers secure and cost-effective wireless connectivity, using cellular networks with global coverage, for all industrial and utility applications, ranging from enabling the industrial Internet of Things to remote, real-time grid automation.