ABB at the iREX 2013 - Robotics software innovations

2013-11-05 - Software innovations
The best robot is one that has a complete set of tools to maximize productivity over its life-cycle. ABB's RobotStudio—the industry leading product for PC-based programming, configuration and virtual commissioning in the office—already goes a long way towards this goal. Now, building on the success of RobotStudio, we are extending our life-cycle productivity offer with new tools for programming, commissioning, operating and supervising on the shop floor.

“RobotStudio is the new, better way of working with robots,” says Bertil Thorvaldsson, Product Manager for RobotStudio. “When we start to think about how this tool can help with all aspects of robot use, it becomes clear that it extends far beyond simply programming. Imagine being able to commission new robot programs using a tablet, or monitor the robots in real time using a smartphone. We can even begin to think about enabling users to create their own ‘apps’ to make robot use more efficient.”

At the International Robot Exhibition 2013, ABB will announce the next release of RobotStudio—version 5.60—meant to further enhance the programming stage of robotic deployment. It will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2013 and will feature improved graphics as well as a touch interface suitable for running on the new generation of all-in-one PCs.

ABB will also announce three new mobile apps for RobotStudio Online to complement the already existing “Manage” app. The new apps include “Tune” for editing programs, “Adjust” for robot calibration, and “Jog” for manual control of the robots. Altogether these four apps represent the future of robot commissioning on the shop floor and are designed to be run on tablets using Windows 8.1. The three new apps will be available alongside “Manage” in the Microsoft Windows store at the same time the next version of RobotStudio ships.

For the next generation of robot operation, we will demonstrate a CP600 panel controlling a robot. While the CP600 is an existing ABB product, using it to operate a robot is a new concept that allows for better integration with other ABB products such as PLCs and Drives.

And finally, we will also demonstrate the future of robot supervision with the Robot Care MyRobot portal running on a smartphone—something that was only previously available via a PC connected to the Internet.

The International Robot Exhibition 2013 will include a peak into our future vision of programming, commissioning, operating and supervising robots, including software demonstrations of mobile solutions and other special walkthroughs by our software team.

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Now, building on the success of RobotStudio, ABB is extending the life-cycle productivity offer with new tools for programming, commissioning, operating and supervising on the shop floor.



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