Solar pump drive – an Indian solution

ABB in India has come up with an innovative solution that uses solar power as a reliable source for pumping water throughout the day. The result is the ABB solar pump drive, designed to use maximum power point tracking technology for optimal solar power use.
The solar pump drive is delivered to pump OEMs and system integrators who then build the complete package and supply it to farmers. There is a huge need for this intelligent drive system in the Indian market due to the limited supply of grid power. The drive system has a lot of potential, particularly throughout Asia, Africa and South America. The current business for this product is either to replace old diesel pumps with new PV cells and drives, or to provide a new installation of a complete system.

Solar pump application principle

Application principle
The complete system consists of four components: PV cell, ABB drive, motor and pump. The current implementation of the ABB solar pump drive system uses a PV cell as its power source, which is connected to the DC busbar connectors on an ACS355 machinery drive. The drive is connected to the motor that runs the pump. After dawn, when the intensity of sunlight is sufficient to trigger the PV cell, the drive automatically starts the motor and runs the pump to draw water. At sunset the drive turns off the motor and the flow of water flow ceases. It is also possible for customers to run the drive using power from the grid.

Solar pump project team and prototype unit from ABB India.
Solar pump project team and prototype unit from ABB India

The ABB solar pump drives solution is also available to ABB’s Authorised Value Providers (AVPs) in Australia.