ABB explores its partnerships to its full potential at the Global Integrator Partner Seminar (IPS) 2016 in Västerås, Sweden

2016-10-10 - Between 27 – 29 Sep 2016, a global channel partner delegation of over 30 persons representing 14 companies from 12 countries around the world, came together to participate in the Annual Global Integrator Seminar (IPS) in Västerås, Sweden.

What unfolded was a series of product presentations, demonstrations, knowledge-sharing sessions, discussions, meetings and factory visits, all focused on exploring the full potential of ABB’s partnership with its global channel.

Hosted by both Grid Automation Products as well as Medium Voltage Products, the seminar was centered on ABB’s Transmission Automation, Distribution Automation and the Communication Networks portfolio. The event was also attended by senior management, product managers, channel management and sales teams of ABB’s Grid Automation Products and Medium Voltage Products groups from around the world.

Speaking of the seminar, Vadim Radjuk, Deputy Chief Engineer at Energopromis Belarus, an authorized value provider of ABB, said, “By attending the Global IPS I am able to address gaps in my knowledge of the latest updates and offerings of ABB products and suggest optimal up-to-date solutions to my customers which they expect from a market leader.”

The events host, Gentil Oliveira, Global Product Group Marketing & Sales Manager, Grid Automation Products added, "We are keen on providing our channel partners a forum to openly discuss our offerings and supporting them in raising the bar in customer satisfaction. It is also an excellent opportunity for quality time with the partners and plan for the year ahead.”

Overall, the channel partners as well as the ABB team were satisfied with the outcomes of the event, reinforcing the need for such seminars. Speaking of the way forward, the team expressed that they are keen on following up the global seminar with regional events to address regional partners and specific interests of customers there.

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