Jan 14, 2013, A new version of Wizard 800xA SV 5 is released

Dear Wizard users

A new version of Wizard 800xA SV 5 is released:
Wizard 800xA 5.11/0 supporting System 800xA 5.1

New features
(See "News in Wizard 800xA" or Release notes in the BU IIT & OCS pricing data base)

Corrected errors:
(See Release notes).

Known errors:
(See Release notes).

The following Price books are supported and shall be used:

          Industrial IT 800xA Price Book System Version 5.1 3BSE061187/D

          System 800xA Expansion 3BSE041710/P

          System 900 I/O and Field bus Network components 2PAA102823/I

Wizard 800xA, release 5.11/0.
This version of the Wizard may be installed from the database structure or by performing "Check version" in the Wizard.
Please read the Release Description about of this version.
You will find release 5..11/0 in the following data structure:

Ordering & Configuration Tools.
Installation sets
Wizard for System 800xA 5

Link to documents for Wizard 800XA 5 available in BU IIT & OCS pricing data base

Best Regards,
Ingemar Rudgard
Product Manager Sales Tools

ABB Control Technologies
Delivery Center Sweden
Customer service group Order and Delivery