RTU release 10.6

2012-11-26 - The highlight of the release 10.6 is the RTU Wizard, an engineering tool to easily engineer DIN rail RTUs without any special training requirements. Additional motivations were improvements in the RTU product portfolio concerning the introduction of new hardware and protocol improvements for migration and new projects. Additionally, new functions extend the functionality of the RTUs and reduce the engineering investment.
Dear Partners and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release 10.6 of the RTU products.
The flexible and modular designed Remote Terminal Units (RTU) provide a complete, modern solution with many integrated functions. The scalability of the system allows perfect adaption for station reinforcement, retrofit and upgrades. RTUs are available with flexible footprints, as a 19’’ rack solution, 10.5’’ rack version and as DIN rail solutions. This way the products are suitable for various applications from transmission and distribution to smart grids and feeders.

Wizard for DIN rail RTU Engineering
The new engineering solution for DIN rail RTUs supports users in easy engineering processes. This Wizard is aiming for configurations in small distribution automation projects and does not require special product training.

Screenshot example of the DIN rail RTU Wizard

The user friendly interface enables engineers to configure a DIN rail RTU in eight guided and self-explanatory steps. The Wizard allows users to simplify their engineering process and due to the fact that it is part of RTUtil560, complex configurations can be added so that functionality of ABB’s DIN rail RTUs is not limited.
8 guided steps of the DIN rail RTU Wizard

With the introduction of the Wizard we offer an easy and improved engineering solution which adds a strong selling argument to the DIN rail portfolio. Lastly the time saving engineering and the reduced training time are beneficial for our partners and customers. For a detailed description of the Wizard please refer to part 16 in RTUtil560 users guide.

New features and enhancements

Protocol improvements
DUST 3964R
Implementing the protocol DUST 3964R (RK512, sub device communication interface) in the RTU products, enables the communication with subordinated external programmable logic controllers (PLC). The protocol eases the migration from RTU200 to RTU560 in existing installations.

Example application with SINAUT 8 FW
The upgraded functionality of the communication protocol SINAUT 8 FW in ABB’s RTUs gives an advantage for migration projects in substation automation systems. Without exchanging the installed products and the existing control system the RTU acts as a gateway to enable communication between the installed third party intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and a new control system.

Threshold supervision
To limit the basic load in a RTU in case of an application where external IEDs are not controllable by the customer (e.g. distributed energy resources), threshold supervision for measured values for IEC 60870-5-101 (SCI), -104 (SCI), IEC 61850 client and DNP3 (SCI) were implemented in the RTU series with this release.

AMR systems

Implementation example of RTU in AMR system
New functions are implemented in the RTUs, used for the transmission of load profiles via the IEC 62056-21 protocol to automatic meter reading (AMR) evaluation systems.

AMR is the technology of automatically collecting consumption and status data from water meter or energy metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.

With the implementation of this function, ABB’s RTUs can be used in parallel for remote control systems and AMR system. RTUs are now able to read billing data, profile data, event logs and receive time information from AMR systems and communicate in parallel with the SCADA system.

Function improvements
(1 out of n) check
To guarantee the command outputs ABB’s RTUs have an (1 out of n) check. This function is now implemented in DIN rail RTUs for external output modules too, to ensure secure switching in substation automation systems.

Direct commands on IEC 61850
To reduce engineering costs and make PLC programming superfluous the RTU functionality was enhanced by mapping direct commands on IEC 61850. With this function RTUs convert direct commands from network control center automatically to select before operate commands (SBO) on IEC 61850. This makes the RTUs suitable for migration projects with older supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Disturbance file handling in RTU
Overview about disturbance file handling in RTUs
To prevent having an extra PC in the substation to read out the disturbance files from intelligent electronic devices (IED) the RTU is now able to read out the disturbance file from the Relion® series in an IEC 61850 system. With this functional improvement the disturbance files can be stored in the local file archive of an RTU and read out via the web server or archive synchronizing service. This way the handling of disturbance files is the same as in existing implementations for IEC 60870-5-103 or SPABUS. For each IED up to 10 disturbance files can be stored in an RTU. Standard viewer for COMTRADE files can be used (e.g. Wavewin, Omicron).The following devices are supported: 615 series, 630 series, 650 series, 670 series and REB500. For details please refer to part 7 of the function description.

Hardware improvements
The new managed switch 560NMD11
The new managed switch 560NMD11
This managed switch 560NMD11 is intended for DIN rail installations. It is the new solution for mixed configurations with symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) and fiber optical lines. The device supports ring and linear networks and can be used for galvanic insulation for Ethernet networks. The switch has 4 RJ45 ports for fast Ethernet auto negotiation and 1 port for SDSL, intended to use for private copper cables. The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) port for fiber optical lines supports interconnections to stations up to a distance of 40 km (25 mi). The integrated RS 232 port enables a serial protocol tunnel. With these functions this managed switch 560NMD11 is the perfect extension to the existing portfolio. Detailed information about this switch can be found in the data sheet and the connections and settings.

Market adaption of binary output module
To improve our competitiveness in frame contracts and projects with high product volume we updated the design of the binary output module 23BO62. This helps to meet the market requirements better. The newly introduced rubric (R9) can be used for process voltage up to 60V DC and has a price reduction of 10% percent. Please refer to the data sheet for detailed information about the module.

Additional information and feedback
For detailed information please have a look at the data sheets and the connections and settings. You can download all RTU documents in the ABB library or in the documentation section of the RTU partners portal.

Please note, that we also offer special SameTime sales and engineering trainings for the release 10.6. Details can be found in the training section of the RTU partners portal.

Any feedback is most welcome to help us maintain our high quality.

Sincerely yours,
Sigbert Reimann

Global Product Management,
Remote Terminal Units
Substation Automation
ABB Power Systems