ABB helps improve productivity of fertilizer plant in Pakistan

2016-11-16 - Power management, electrification and automation solutions to improve safety and reliability while reducing operating expenditures and emissions at the site in Pakistan

ABB will supply Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd (FFBL) with complete engineering, installation, supervision, testing and commissioning of the 800xA distributed control system for boiler control, balance of plant (BOP) and electrical equipment monitoring.

ABB will also supply medium voltage products including the ABB UFES (Ultra-Fast Earth Switch and REA based Arc Protection system) for medium voltage switchgear and ABB dry and oil type transformers.

FFBL is the sole granular urea and granular DAP fertilizer manufacturing company in Pakistan. FFBL also have a joint venture with OCP Group of Morocco, for the production of merchant grade Phosphoric acid in Morocco, which is not only transported to Karachi for DAP fertilizer manufacturing, but also marketed internationally.

The steam and power generation at the existing fertilizer complex is based on natural gas, but owing to gas shortage, FFBL is replacing the existing plant with a new coal based cogeneration plant(CPP), which will be functioning from November 2016. The CPP Project will supply power as well as steam to the existing fertilizer complex, which is operating at 60 Hz power systems and one dedicated power export, steam turbine generator at 50 Hz.

This Collaborative Process Automation System from ABB will enable the customer to have the complete process and electrical system on a single platform to have better control and monitoring of their 118MW Coal Power Plant ensuring highest level of system availability.

Project information
Supply of UFES (Ultra-Fast earth switch and REA based Arc protection system) for MV switchgear application is a very unique requirement and done for the first time in Pakistan. Upgrading an existing line-up of switchgear by adding the REA Arc Protection System can have huge benefits.  Equipment damage can be minimized, power restoration can occur quicker, and lives may even be saved with this technology.  

“We also successfully proposed the integration of electrical switchgear over IEC61850, which has reduced the overall wiring and design of the project. Previously, ABB had delivered three different automation projects at the FFBL successfully, where the customer has been highly satisfied with the ABB system, as well as the local service team. This is another example of our Next Level Strategy of business-led collaboration between our automation and power portfolios,” said Sair Riaz, sales manager, Process Automation division.

This project comprises of
  • Two equal capacity Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler units of 250 TPH each
  • Steam Turbines with Generators (STGs),
  • Coal, Sorbent, Fly and Bottom Ash handling area
  • Cooling Water System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Mechanical, Electrical and I/C interconnections with existing FFBL fertilizer complex
  • Power Export Grid on 50 Hz
  • Associated auxiliaries

ABB’s latest CPAS technology will benefit the customer to monitor, control, optimize, and maintain from one single interface which has numerous benefits such as
  • Common view for both process and power plant
  • One single view of all plant assets & integrated devices
  • Reduce time for configuration and commissioning
  • Detailed diagnostics available at any time
  • Apply predictive maintenance strategies
  • Scalable hardware & software for future expansion
  • Easier to manage human resource competencies on a single system
  • Easier to maintain system spares