ABB positions itself as leader in solar energy by providing solar installations in Philippines

2017-02-02 - By helping solar farm suppliers in the Philippines, ABB proves to be a global leader in supplying solar energy.

The Philippines are currently undergoing an energy renaissance. The archipelago comprises about 7,100 islands and although only around 2,000 are inhabited, the geography of the region presents huge challenges with regard to energy supply and demand. Some islands are densely populated while others are not, but regardless of energy demands, limited domestic energy supply means that the market is chronically undersupplied. The government is addressing this issue by heavily investing in solar and is repositioning the country as a leading provider of green energy in the region through several solar initiatives.

A total of 17 solar power projects, lined up by the Department of Energy (DOE), have been endorsed and will receive incentives as part of the second round for solar projects under the feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme. Incentives are given to power infrastructure developers in an effort to encourage investment in the more expensive renewable energy sector. The Renewable Energy Act of 2008 was passed by the government to tackle rising oil prices. The aim was to meet the countries high energy demands while at the same time encouraging an environmentally sympathetic and sustainable approach.

ABB has been involved in a number of solar projects, providing high voltage (HV) grid connection equipment, secondary collector units as well as testing and commissioning services.

One notable project included in the solar FIT scheme, which has been completed recently, is the 63 MW Calatagan Solar Farm. This solar facility is the largest solar farm in the country’s main island of Luzon.

At the inauguration of the Calatagan Solar Farm, Leandro Leviste, CEO of Solar Philippines said, “The grid acceptability of ABB equipment as well as the tremendous support of the ABB project team has been a great factor for us to realize this milestone today.”

ABB continued to support the solar farm developers in the Philippines and worked to meet the tight deadline on a second round solar FIT scheme project, which included a 500 MV plant finished in March 2016. This imposed tight schedule constraints which required close coordination with the customer project team.

ABB’s scope for the Calatagan solar farm included 23 - 2,400 kVA 13.8 kV skid mounted modules, along with two bays of 69 kV substation equipment, 30 MVA 69 kV / 13.8 kV power transformers, one modularized E-House with 14 frames of UniGear ZS1 switchgear, and one set of protection and control panels. Testing and commissioning were also provided.

While ABB continues to support the Philippines to address rising peak challenges through renewable energy solutions, it also remains committed to providing similar solutions globally. With a wide range of ratings and a global design that allows standardized solutions, ABB has fulfilled diverse customer requirements and has a large installed base of proven technology in many countries. Solutions are optimized to various standards and installation constraints, and factory-assembled and tested skids and E-Houses reduce installation and energization time on site. With a single point of contact and a simplified commercial agreement, projects are easier to coordinate.


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