ABB extends medium-voltage sensor portfolio for secondary gas-insulated switchgear applications

2017-06-02 - ABB has introduced the new plug type voltage sensors KEVA C intended for use in voltage measurement in new as well retrofit medium-voltage secondary gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) applications up to 24 kV. Voltage sensors KEVA C are designed for use with various types of medium-voltage cable connectors from majority of producers on the market.
The voltage sensors KEVA C are designed as easy replacement of originally used insulating plugs in the cable connectors. Due to their compact sizes and optimized designs sensors can be used for retrofit purposes as well as in new installations. In retrofit applications voltage sensors KEVA C enable fast and easy installation on site and thus reduce the time needed for the switchgear shutdown. In new installations voltage sensors KEVA C are independent on switchgear design and thus the performance is guaranteed without any need for switchgear modification or switchgear re-type testing.

With the KEVA C launch, ABB has strengthened its medium-voltage sensor portfolio focusing on highly accurate measurement in secondary GIS applications. With extended KEVA C product line ABB offers the complete portfolio of voltage sensors supporting various types of cable connectors from main cable connector manufacturers.