ABB supports GM and BMW testing on new EV fast charging standard

2013-06-11 - Successful test of SAE Combo illustrates ABB's commitment to support all major automakers in their fast charging standard adoption
ABB participated in testing the new SAE Combo standard for fast charging electric vehicles, spearheaded by GM and BMW. The ABB unit was tested at the ABB Robotics facility in Auburn Hills, which has a long history of supporting local OEMs in the Detroit region. ABB sent an SAE Combo charger prototype, which successfully charged GM and BMW models.

This new standard will be adopted by electric vehicles from most of the American and German automakers, including GM, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. The plug receptacle features both the J1772 standard (AC 240V), as well as the SAE’s fast charge connector (DC 200-450 V). GM hosts an informational video at their website that includes the ABB EV charger in demo mode. A standard for DC fast charging, known as CHAdeMO, is already in use by Japanese automakers, such as Nissan and Mitsubishi.

ABB’s charging infrastructure business is standards neutral. ABB can and will offer chargers that accommodate any open standard, CHAdeMO and Combo, today and in the future. “It’s well known that fast charging availability increases EV adoption rates,” said Cal Lankton, Director of ABB’s EV charging business. “Being able to charge any vehicle with a single unit will further the feeling of security that drivers need to go electric: fuel that is readily available for their electric vehicle, regardless of model.”

ABB has launched the Combo-ready models in Europe, and will be releasing the North American UL version later this year, which incorporates the CHAdeMO and SAE/Combo standards into a single unit.

DC Fast Charging Standards
The graphic above shows automaker alignment for DC fast charging standards.

Terra 53 CJ multistandard DC charging station