2017 ABB Energy Market Intelligence Workshop, part of New York Energy Week

2017-06-19 - June 22, 2017 | New York, New York at Doubletree by Hilton Metropolitan

If you are currently engaged in, renewable development, energy sustainability, asset liquidity assessments or market forecasting then ABB’s Energy Market Intelligence workshop is a must attend event. This workshop provides attendees with a venue for industry discussion and debate supporting energy market investors, portfolio planners, power marketers and analysts with information to:

  • Evaluate energy market opportunities
  • Value power generation assets
  • Access independent and unbiased energy price forecasts
  • Increase confidence in investment decisions

Confront the conventional wisdom and look past the rhetoric. Ask your most challenging questions about the technological, political and economic forces shaping the power industry.

We are delighted to host this event in partnership with New York Energy Week, June 19-23 2017 whose thought leadership event series is driving collaboration and investment across the globe. If you are already planning to attend New York Energy Week, add the Energy Market Intelligence Workshop to your ticket agenda on Thursday, June 22. Visit the NYEW site for details.

To attend ABB's Energy Market Intelligence Workshop apart from NYEW, visit our event website via the link above for more information and to register: 2017 ABB Energy Market Intelligence Workshop. Here is a preview of some of the topics and questions that we will address during the workshop.

State of the North American energy market – How are Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) affecting the power markets? What are the risks with natural gas fired resources taking a larger role in energy generation and how are the risks being mitigated? As the Mexico market evolves what trends are emerging?

Environmental policy – Where is it headed under the new White House administration and how are states responding? What are the key legal and policy challenges for existing policies? What key decisions and legal outcomes could have an impact on the power sector in the near term?

Renewable development – When does wind and solar reach parity or has it already? Is there a renewable development opportunity in Mexico? This one could pull double duty for the power markets review. Renewable development has outpaced traditional as of late, how long will or can this trend continue?

Microgrids – Through the application of computer software, utility communications, and analytics, the digital grid concept is transforming the grid. Digital substations, advanced distribution management systems, distributed energy resource management systems, and utility analytics are examples of technologies that are changing the landscape. In addition to recent power grid developments that focus on the digital grid, renewable generation, energy storage integration and microgrids, this presentation will also address the three main strategies for embedded, customer grid-connected, and islanded microgrids.

Surveys from previous workshops show that attendees found value in the informative presentations and networking with fellow energy market participants. If you have never attended this event or are having difficulty conveying the event's value to your manager, we offer assistance on justifying your trip. Please personalize the attached Word document for your use. We are confident that you will benefit from participating in this year’s workshop.

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Space for the workshop is limited, so reserve your seat today!

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