ABB Customer World China 2017: Digital transformation through ABB Ability

ABB launches industry-leading digital solutions to address industry upgrade demands for Chinese companies

Hangzhou, June 28, 2017——ABB officially launched its industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability™, in China today at the company’s most important annual event in the country, ABB Customer World 2017 (ACW 2017). Under the theme “digital transformation through ABB Ability”, ABB is showcasing its latest technologies across a 5,500 square meter exhibition space at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The two-day event features industry forums and seminars on opportunities and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative and industrial innovation in the digital era, as well as many other topics related to “Made in China 2025”.

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, China is a key market for ABB and its digital solutions. After more than two decades of rapid growth and expansion, ABB now has an installed base of 5 million connected devices and 8,000 control systems in China, providing a solid foundation for customers moving up the industrial value chain.


“In China, industrial digitalization offers enormous potential in the areas of utility and industry, as well as transport and infrastructure,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “We are really excited to bring our industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability, to this important market. ABB’s massive installed base of connected devices and systems, as well as four decades of industrial digital leadership, have given us an unparalleled domain expertise, which when combined with advanced network connectivity and the latest digital technologies, allow us to unlock superior customer value. Now our customers can use ABB Ability to make most of the opportunities of the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ”

ABB Ability helps customers in utilities, industry, transport & infrastructure develop new processes and advance existing ones by providing insights and optimizing planning and controls for real-time operations. The results can then be fed into control systems to improve key metrics such as factory uptime, speed and yield.

“From the world’s biggest internet user base, to the increasingly wide adoption of intelligent manufacturing equipment, to the latest ‘Made in China 2025’ plan,’ digitalization is becoming a driving force for the industrial upgrading and productivity enhancement of Chinese companies.” said Chunyuan Gu, Chairman and President of ABB (China) Limited. “ABB’s industry-leading digital solutions are well positioned to support the convergence of IT and OT for Chinese customers, and to help them enhance innovation and competitiveness in the digital era.”

ABB Ability’s range of digital solutions comprises performance management solutions for industries that depend on plants and systems, control systems for process industries, remote monitoring services for robots, motors and machines, control solutions for buildings and offshore platforms along with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. A number of the specialized solutions concentrate on data center power management and ship fleet navigation optimization.

“ABB Ability brings together all of our digital products and services, each built from our unique combination of sector knowledge, technology leadership and digital expertise, to create real business value for our customers,” said ABB Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret.
At ACW 2017, ABB showcases a full range of ABB Ability™ solutions, including future grids, intelligent manufacturing, smart transport and infrastructure, smart homes, and cloud services with the following highlights:
  • ABB Ability System 800xA – One of the solutions provided by ABB Ability builds on the market-leading automation platform System 800xA. Select I/O, a new addition to System 800xA, is a redundant, Ethernet-based, single-channel I/O system. It supports ABB’s next-generation project execution model, Intelligent Projects, which offers a range of efficiency improvements for automation projects. With Select I/O, customers can undertake major projects on a faster schedule with fewer cost overruns. It uses standardized cabinets that allow installers to digitally marshal signals instead of using labor-intensive marshalling panels. Loop checks can be done before the rest of the system is delivered, minimizing the impact of late changes and allowing for project tasks to be executed in parallel.
  • ABB Ability Asset Health Center –Asset Health Center is ABB’s next-generation asset performance management solution. Available since January 2017, it uses predictive and prescriptive analytics and customized models to identify and prioritize emerging maintenance needs based on probability of failure and asset criticality.
  • ABB Ability Collaborative Operations –This powerful solution enables ABB experts and customers to work in close collaboration and take data-driven decisions in real time that increase operational performance and business profitability. Making extensive use of sensors, assets and systems fitted with ABB technology transmit data on the health and performance of machines and essential systems to ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers, where sophisticated software performs advanced data analytics 24/7. The insights gained allow engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues and advise on preventive maintenance or suggest measures to improve performance. Collaborative Operations delivers performance management, remote monitoring and predictive analysis technologies to ensure safety and security, and improve operational efficiency and productivity across a range of industries and installations including cement, chemicals, manufacturing, marine, metals, mining, oil & gas, ports, pulp & paper, power generation and water. The solution has been delivering sustainable, long-term results to early adopters.
  • ABB Ability Digital Substation – ABB’s digital substation provides customers in the utility sector with unmatched control and efficiency. The digital substation incorporates fiber optic current sensors and disconnecting circuit breakers to reduce maintenance requirements and the need for miles of conventional cabling. ABB Ability takes these advances several steps further by combining the latest electrical gear with digital sensors and cloud computing. The result is that grid operators can make decisions based on comprehensive, up-to-the-moment information, while predictive algorithms can improve maintenance practices and asset management.
  • ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System – Designed to monitor, optimize and control the electrical systems, this innovative cloud-computing platform is built on a state-of-the-art cloud architecture for data collection, processing and storage, and allows users to monitor asset performance, receive alerts and reports anytime and anywhere via a smartphone or personal computer. Pilot installations have demonstrated total operating cost reductions of around 30 percent.
  • ABB Ability Smart Sensor – This smart sensor solution, unveiled last year, connects low-voltage (LV) electric motors to the Industrial Internet, allowing them to be monitored continuously. The solution, which can be easily affixed to a motor, transmits data on vibration, temperature, loads and power consumption to the cloud. Alerts are generated as soon as any of the parameters deviates from the norm, allowing the operator to take preventive action before the motor malfunctions. Early indications are that the smart sensor solution leads to a reduction in downtime of motors by up to 70% and extends their lifespan by up to 30%. Acting on the data to optimize the motor’s performance reduces energy consumption by as much as 10%.
ABB Ability solutions on display also include MNS Digital System – LV intelligent switchgear solution, new GB standard DC fast charger Terra 63 with output power up to 60 kW, digital service platform MyRemoteCare for health management of medium-voltage (MV) switchgears, 420 kV disconnecting circuit breaker (DCB) with Fiber Optic Current Sensor (FOCS), and TXpert, the world’s first digital distribution transformer which enables performance monitoring and control.

As ABB's largest annual event in China, ABB Customer World 2017, is being held in Hangzhou for the first time. About 5,000 participants are attending, including customers and partners, industry insiders, officials, students and representatives of the media.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. Continuing more than a 125-year history of innovation, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization and driving the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 132,000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, with 17,000 employees located in 139 cities, 40 local companies, and online and offline channels across over 300 cities.

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