Important notice for all GSC FI customers


Relocation update 27.11.2017:

The good news is that our order backlog has decreased by 70% as the new warehouse is learning and improving each day. We kindly still ask and thank you for your continuous patience. Dozens of improvement actions are ongoing as everyone wants the OTD to jump back to near 100%. Many of you have noticed that we have shipped larger orders via courier to compensate for the delays.

We no longer move order confirmations forward and will slowly lift the ban for express PM kits but kindly note "express" means minimum 3 days (for stardard DSW PM orders, too). Kit assembly in general has been quite the bottleneck process during the relocation so do not expect large quantities to ship quickly. If you can avoid the express ordering, please do so. You will also help as a lot by using the requested delivery date function for non-urgent orders.

Your Customer Support Specialist is happy to help you with all questions you might have.

Dear colleagues,

A short update regarding our warehouse relocation: most of the goods are transferred to the new warehouse and we are glad to inform that the IT connections work quite well. The relocation is a huge project in itself and at the same time we have received a record amount of order lines. As most of you have noticed, the result is that the operations are not working with 100% efficiency quite yet and there is a backlog of orders that we have to solve quickly.

To make sure we give the OTD the best possible chance to be at a good level, we have decided to freeze all PM kit expeditions (both with express fee and to DSW). If you need them quicker than in 2 weeks, please order them separately as normal spare parts. This freeze lasts at least until next Monday. The expedited PM kits that have already been confirmed we try to ship asap.

All large orders will be confirmed to ship in 5 days if availability permits. If they are automatically confirmed for the same day, we will move them to next week and send you a notice. If you are placing a large, very urgent order be sure to mention that in BOL notes and please write the reason, too.

Please also be informed that DHL Forwarding has a global IT problem and we are sending more orders than normal with TNT.

Thank you for your cooperation as always. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Heidi Pyykko
Customer Service Manager
+358 50 33 23613