Slight change in how to reach GSC FI Customer Service by phone

Dear all,

We have finally stepped into the 21st century by throwing away our ancient landline phones. We still use the landline numbers (all begin +358 10...) as the basis of how to reach us during morning and evening shift. The difference is that now these "landline" numbers are virtual.

The idea is that calls coming to our landline numbers first ring in CSSs' own mobile phones for 20 seconds and then go to the person who has the shift responsibility that day. Please be patient and wait more than 20 seconds for the answer. The only difference from LSU point of view is that we cannot see who is calling so if for some reason your call is not answered, we do not know who has called -> in these cases you can call Heidi Pyykkö +358 50 332 3613 who will make sure you are served.

This news piece serves as a kind reminder that the emails are not read during the evening shift. Once you receive the out of office message stating your CSS has left for the day, the only way to reach the shift responsible is to call her/his landline number (or Skype them if you happen to know who is the shift responsible).