Glendale pilots battery energy storage

2018-01-03 - Through a small-scale pilot, GWP demonstrates how battery systems instantaneously respond to system load shifts. T&D World article by Jaime Reyes - December 14, 2017
In late 2015, Glendale Water & Power (GWP) decided to install a small-scale pilot energy storage system to evaluate how this nascent technology can be used in the utility’s electric system to meet the rapid fluctuations, if any, in its system load and demand. The utility sought the help of an existing energy marketing and consulting partner, Skylar Resources LP. Together, Skylar and GWP engineering evaluated several different applications for this technology, including the black start of generating units, support and management of solar intermittence, and mitigation of area control error (ACE).

After careful evaluation of several battery systems and working closely with reputed battery system and inverter companies to analyze different technologies, GWP agreed to Skylar’s recommendation to use a 2-MW battery energy storage system (BESS) as a pilot system. This pilot unit was used to evaluate the ACE application. A vacant lot adjacent to the newly built Grandview substation in northwest Glendale, California, U.S., was chosen for the location of the BESS. In March 2016, GWP executed a turnkey equipment supply agreement, whereby Skylar agreed to engineer, procure, construct and commission the BESS.

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