Encouraging results from ABB's hybrid renewable microgrids

2016-10-31 - Renewable Energy World article by Andrew Burger - October, 25, 2016
Low-carbon microgrids have assumed a place in the strategic agendas of some of the world's largest power and industrial engineering corporations. That includes Swedish-Swiss ABB, whose roots in the now fast moving microgrid market segment date back some 25 to 30 years.

ABB has adopted a flexible, customer-driven approach as it marshals its resources and expertise in order to capitalize on growing renewable and hybrid microgrid opportunities, a trend that is now global in scope, Maxine Ghavi, ABB's global director, microgrids, told Renewable Energy World.

“The drivers are different in different regions and among different types of customers,” she said. “It could be resilience, energy security; reducing costs, environmental impacts or reducing reliance on diesel fuel; or providing energy access — the drivers in play in specific markets and situations are multi-polar.”

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