Maintenance release of Relion® 670 series version 2.1 (


Dear Reader,

A new revision of the 670 series version 2.1 has been released. The new revision designation of the 670 series is

The following issues have been corrected / improvements made in the new revision:

System and security related

  • Test mode activation
    Test mode activation via binary input took a longer time than expected. During this time, before the test mode is activated, if the local end currents are isolated, it could cause a differential condition and result in an operation of the line differential protection.

  • Disable maintenance menu
    When MaintMenuDisAuth was set to disable, it was still possible to enter the maintenance menu.

  • Input signal calibration during rapid changes
    Improvements have been made so that rapid changes of the input signals are calibrated with factors corresponding to the new signal.

  • Change lock connected to FXDSIGN OFF
    When connecting the FXDSIGN output OFF to the CHNGLCK input LOCK, sometimes the CHNGLCK output ACTIVE indicates that Change lock is falsely active.

  • Security improvements in IEC 61850, MMS protocol
    A path traversal issue in MMS has been resolved.

  • Cyclic reporting of measurands suppressed on DNP3
    If scaled measurands are configured to be sent cyclic on DNP3, they can be suppressed from reporting when the measurands aren’t changing its value.

  • Reporting of integers via DNP3
    Integer values were suppressed in DNP3 reporting. This is now corrected and integers will be reported.

  • Stability improvements with PRP communication
    General stability improvements are made to the PRP communication during restart of the IED
Application related
  • Undervoltage protection UV2PTUV
    If the parameter IntBlkSel1=Block of Trip, the protection function UV2PTUV can trip when voltage is restored from low voltage below IntBlkStVal. This has been corrected.

  • Directional decision from distance protection ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS
    Further enhancements have been made to the directional wave based element and its co-ordination with the conventional element has been optimized. These are applicable only for ultra-high voltage applications typically between the range 730-800kV.

  • Directional information from ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS
    The directional information from the distance protection functions ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS is now shown even during normal load conditions while earlier this was only during fault conditions
Recommendation to update
We recommend users that have experienced issues as described above or/and that want increased security are recommended to update to this release.

Ordering and delivery
Please contact your local ABB.

Please read all information in the release note.

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Joseph Menezes
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products