Superfast Charging For Big Auto Arrives! New 150–350 kW Charging Station From ABB

2017-10-04 - Clean Technica article by Zachary Shahan - October 3, 2017
In an email just sent my way, ABB has announced that it is about to launch its first 150–350 kW high-power charger, the new Terra HP High Power Charge system. You can’t touch the Terra HP in an IKEA parking lot yet, but you can check out the breakthrough charging product at EVS30 in Stuttgart, Germany. The dates for that event are October 9–11.

“Ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and petrol stations, Terra HP’s ultra-high current has the capacity to charge both 400 V and 800 V cars at full power,” ABB writes.

“The 375 A output single power cabinet can charge a 400 V car at full 150 kW continuously. The addition of Dynamic DC power sharing technology, allows a two-power cabinet charging system to charge a couple of EVs simultaneously, with up to 350 kW and 500 A, while dynamically optimizing the available grid connection and the power delivery to the two vehicles.”

ABB has been one of the world’s top providers of EV fast charging stations, so we’ve long expected that it would be one of the first companies to put a superfast charging station on the market. We have no sense from the press release or email how many orders ABB may have on the books for this product, but I’ll reach out about that and other matters today. However, the company did note that it has sold over 6,000 fast chargers around the world to date. Imagine if it sells that many Terra HP superfast chargers in the coming few years.

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