ABB Turbocharging set sail to solutions for long-term lifecylce value

During a 2-day event titled “Set sail to solutions for long-term lifecycle value”, ABB Turbocharging in Greece welcomed selected customers to the beautiful Greek island of Hydra, where they participated in constructive meetings and exchanges with ABB.
The attendees who were mostly top-level executives from various leading shipping companies in Greece, took part in presentations by ABB Turbocharging where they received updates and insights into the latest product developments and new service solutions designed to meet their business challenges and offer long-term lifecycle value.

In his opening speech, Mr. John Smyrneos the Local Business Unit Manager of ABB Turbocharging for Greece & Cyprus, welcomed the guests and thanked them for their attendance. Mr. Smyrneos noted in his speech that the customer event was designed as a platform for establishing and further strengthening mutual working relationships with customers.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Rolf Bosma, Head of Service Sales, ABB Turbo Systems, Switzerland, introduced MXP™ turbocharger, the first dedicated turbocharger developed for marine auxiliary engines along with the self-service app, a digital solution for condition-based maintenance.

A comprehensive presentation followed the next day, focusing on the full range of existing and newer turbochargers as well as new turbocharging technologies. Participants also received an in-depth presentation of the ABB Turbocharging service offerings, including existing and new service agreements, upgrade solutions as well as training & consulting options. The relaxed and laid-back setting of the event allowed for a constructive and effective dialogue among customers and ABB representatives.

ABB Turbocharging would like to express our sincere appreciation to all customers who took part in the event. We are pleased that the customers could exchange and share their views and feedback on ABB’s concept of offering customer-specific services and contracts, targeting individual business needs and challenges. The concept was highly welcomed and appreciated by the attendees as a true way of creating long-term value.