Markus Bruegmann on the importance of microgrids in the transition to a carbon neutral tomorrow

2017-12-05 - Clean Technica article by The Beam - December 4, 2017
Markus Bruegmann is the Global Product Group Manager for ABB’s Microgrids and Distributed Generation product group. We had a long discussion with him about the importance of microgrids in the race to a zero carbon economy, about the challenges that come with the integration of microgrids, and about his vision for the future of the energy transition.

First and foremost, how would you say that ABB is contributing to driving the transition to a carbon neutral tomorrow, today?
During its 125 years of history, ABB has always been driving innovations. Today, we are the world leader in microgrids technology. Our main goal is to integrate more renewables into grids across the globe, thus being a main actor in driving the energy transition forward. We are continually working on lowering the carbon intensity across all our services and all our current implementations of the microgrid technology save fossil fuels every day.

Why are microgrids of crucial importance?
We’re currently witnessing a global trend in full swing, which is the rapid growth of renewables. This trend is driven by price reductions and the more decentralized nature of renewables. In both mature and emerging markets, renewables have taken leadership for the investment in power generation. The microgrid technology is the natural development to keep this trend growing, and to integrate more renewables into our power supply on and off grid. Renewables also have a different interaction with the grid and the consumer; this interaction needs to be managed as intelligently as possible, which modern microgrids do while improving system reliability.

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