ABB redefines drive positioning in the North American Water and Wastewater markets

2013-10-03 - Introducing an industry-driven approach, a growing network of Water and Wastewater experts, and the new ACQ550 industry-specific variable frequency drive
New Berlin, Wisconsin, October 7, 2013 – ABB is taking a sure-footed, definitive step toward claiming its share of the North American Water and Wastewater markets at WEFTEC 2013, with an industry-driven approach, the establishment of an industry-focused channel, and the launch of the ACQ550 industry-specific variable speed AC drive.

Understanding the process
By partnering with Water and Wastewater treatment solution experts, ABB is demonstrating that the company believes variable frequency drive selection begins within the water industry itself, with process expertise. “Drives are a core component of any collection or treatment process, not just an extension of the electrical equipment,” explains H.J. Dewes, Water and Wastewater Segment Manager, ABB Drives. “When you recognize that, you realize that the benefit of today’s drives goes far beyond energy efficiency. Drives are tightly tied into the performance of the entire treatment plant.”

Because they understand that every collection and treatment process is unique in its own way, ABB is building an infrastructure to meet their water and wastewater customers’ needs. With a commitment to North American manufacturing, an industry-focused channel, engineered customization through a network of authorized manufacturing centers, and DriveCare (an extended service contract), it’s obvious that ABB is taking a distinctly different approach.

Industry-Specific Product
To further demonstrate their intent, ABB is announcing the availability of its first Water and Wastewater industry-specific drive as a cornerstone product. Designed for extremely fast and easy set-up, the new ACQ550 drive now is available from 1 to 550 hp, and is manufactured in New Berlin, WI for responsive production and delivery to local users in the U.S. and Canada. The drive seamlessly integrates as a NEMA1, drip-proof NEMA-12, or outdoor-rated NEMA-3R solution. It comes with a library of pre-programmed start-up assistants for commissioning submersible, centrifugal, or positive-displacement pumps, and application macros for configuring inputs, outputs, and parameters.

Based on the Affinity Laws of physics, which define the relationship between pumps and the power they require, the new drive is well-suited for the simplest pumping application through the most demanding, resulting in significant cost savings. On centrifugal pump applications, for example, the power requirement of the pump varies by the cube of the speed. Electronically reducing the pump speed by 20% via the drive will typically cut energy costs in half.

“We’re excited to add this market-centric product to our water and wastewater portfolio and we’ll continue to build and equip an elite channel of experts selected for their knowledge in the industries,” said Dewes. “Together with our channel, we feel strongly that the market can turn to us for complete and uncompromising solutions, unequaled in the industry.”

ABB's new drive is designed precisely to water industry customers' exact needs