The journey to the 1.5 millionth unit

Over the last ten years production has nearly doubled for instrument transformers and sensors at our factory in Brno due to new technology, automation of production lines and skilled labor.
The ABB Brno instrument transformer and sensor unit plant produces current and voltage transformers and sensors that are supplied to more than 90 countries around the world. We have been manufacturing instrument transformers for almost 100 years, even though you may not encounter them, they are one of the reasons why you can take a train, watch television or share experiences on social media. Without them it would not be possible to reliably manage the supply of electricity so that all of this equipment and these services would function safely.

The Brno plant has very long tradition. In the last 2 years there has been exceptional implementation of the key strategy of development and growth. Investments in modern technology and automation are contributing to these changes. The fundamental area which has affected all employees, is linked to a change in the way that we have been accustomed to working. Advanced control systems and new production processes are placing increasing demands on expertise and skills.

In addition to modernization, an increase in production capacity has occurred. This has helped double the number of manufactured units compared to 2005. Related to this is the expansion of the portfolio of products to meet the needs of new industries and applications such as renewables or data centers.

To achieve this growth, in 2008 we opened our second production facility, and in 2012 we expanded production to include instrument transformers for high voltage applications. We have invested in the modernization of production and the development of new production areas. In 2014, we completed new assembly lines for transformers and reconstructed the third production facility, where operators work in conjunction with a new installed robot that operates 16 casting machines.

“It was not long ago that we celebrated the one millionth unit produced in our modern history. Now we can mark another milestone. In June 2016 we produced the 1.5 millionth unit under the ABB brand. That took just under 23 years from when we became part of ABB,” says Petr Neumann, director of instrument transformers and sensors product group in Brno, who adds, “Today, I’m not afraid to say that at the current pace we will no longer have to wait so long for further milestones. The current yearly production is around 150,000 units, and in the years to come we hope to exceed 200,000 units per year.”

This success can be attributed to all of our staff. A stable team with the necessary experience and skills and a quality product portfolio are the basis for success on current as well as on new markets. “I am confident that this excellent result of our efforts will ensure that we maintain a high level of quality and good growth,” Petr Neumann says, adding, “And I am convinced that the innovations we have made have increased comfort and improved safety in workplaces.”

We would like to thank all employees for their efforts in achieving this success.