Maintenance release of Relion® 670 series version 2.2 (

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A new revision of Relion® 670 series version 2.2 has been released. The new revision designation is

The following has been corrected / improved in the new revision:

System and security related

  • ICMP Ping of IED when in maintenance mode
    - When activating FTP server in maintenance menu, ICMP Ping is now activated. This enables the user to know that the IP addresses are configured correctly even when in maintenance mode.

  • Improved Internal Relay Failure (IRF) supervision
    - Checks on missing GTM/IRIG-B/SLM/RS485 results in IRF being activated. This offers improved self-supervision when modules that were configured but were removed or failed.

  • IEC 61850 Ed2 data object Beh
    - The data object Beh on logical nodes now reflects correctly according to IEC 61850 Ed2.

  • LPHD.PhyHealth when IED is reconfigured
    - When the IED is reconfigured, the LHPD.PhyHealth is now shown correctly. An issue when using PCM600 write is now corrected.

  • Improved robustness at start-up
    - The start-up blocking is now extended to cover two system frequency operating cycles.

  • Incorrect time stamp handling on received GOOSE
    - Received GOOSE messages were recorded with incorrect time stamps, this lead to incorrect time stamps on received signals and potentially these signals were outside the disturbance recording.

  • IP addresses with leading zeros
    - When IP addresses were entered with leading zeros it was interpreted as the octal equivalent instead of decimal.

  • RER670 using LDCM in 2Mbps mode
    - RER670 can be configured with 16,7 Hz and using LDCM communication in 2Mbps mode.

  • GOOSE receive when in BLOCK is active/inactive
    - GOOSEVCTRRCV: The COMMVALID is now set correctly when the BLOCK signal is activated.
    - GOOSESPRVC, GOOSEDPRCV, GOOSEMVRCV, GOOSEINTRCV: The TEST bit is now set correctly when the BLOCK signal goes is deactivated.
Application related
  • Line differential protection using redundant channels
    - When line differential protection uses the redundant channel for communication, a restart of an IED in the protected scheme can cause a mal-operation since the restarted IED for a short while uses data from the primary channel. The synchronization of data between the primary and redundant channel has now been improved.

  • Line differential communication out-of-service mode
    - When the line differential communication is in out-of-service mode, a restart of the remote IED can be delayed.

  • Control commands to process devices
    - When commands were routed through the XLNPROXY function it always resulted in a positive acknowledge although the command could have failed.

  • QCBAY functionality
    - When the parameter RemoteIncStation is set, the command is issued if the LR-switch is set to Remote state, this is allowed both from station and remote levels without any priority.

  • LPTTR function in RER670
    - When the measured temperature from sensors goes outside the range, it is set to the closest limit value (either SensorMinTemp or SensorMaxTemp). Earlier the DefaultAmbTemp was used when the measured temperature was outside the range.

  • Reset of open CT condition in transformer differential function
    - Once the open CT condition is detected, it will not be reset by internal/external fault detection or if the bias current is increased over the limit.
Recommendation to update
We recommend users to update to this release.

Ordering and delivery
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Please read all information in the release note.

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