Winning awards for China’s showcase coal mine

2013-01-07 - Two ABB mine hoist systems have helped China’s newest and largest underground coal mine to win an ‘outstanding technology achievement award.’ The ABB solution reduces hoist energy consumption by 28 percent and unscheduled downtime by 70 percent.
By ABB Communications

One of the two ABB mine hoist systems at Majialiang Coal Mine. The image shows the hoist drum, hoist bearing and hoist hydraulic brake station (in the two blue cabinets).

Majialiang Coal Mine is China’s newest and most technologically advanced underground coal mine. Located in Shanxi province in north China, the mine is one of the largest in the country, with an annual production capacity of 12 million tons.

The mine is owned by one of China’s leading mining companies, Datong Coal Mine Group, which owns 54 coal mines and produces more than 193 million tons of coal a year. Majialiang is the company’s premier asset and a showcase for state-of-the-art mining in China.

The mine recently won the Chinese mining industry’s most prestigious award for outstanding achievement in technological innovation. The award was made at China Mining 2012 in November for ‘the project that adopted new equipment or advanced technology, and achieved substantial progress in mineral exploration and development in the past year.’

One of the key reasons for the mine winning the award are the two ABB mine hoist systems. They transport all the coal from the mine to the surface up two 589 meter vertical production shafts. The two hoists have the capacity to transport an average of 1,346 tons of coal an hour.

ABB is the world’s leading supplier of complete mine hoist systems, with more than 600 hoists delivered to mines in more than 30 countries.

Majialiang is the biggest and most productive mine hoist system in China, and ABB has deployed world-first technology that reduces hoist energy consumption by 28 percent and unscheduled downtime by 70 percent compared to other solutions.

This translates into energy savings of around 38,000 megawatt-hours a year, which is worth more than $3.8 million a year in reduced energy expenditure. The reduction in carbon emissions and increase in productivity are similarly impressive.

The ABB solution is the world’s first AC-DC-AC mine hoist system to operate at half speed and with full load. It enables the hoist to run with maximum energy efficiency and without unscheduled stoppages, even if a malfunction occurs that would cause other makes of hoist to shut down. If this were to happen the new ABB hoist continues to operate at half speed and full load, thereby maintaining productivity and ensuring safety.

ABB is the only company in the world to supply complete mine hoist systems. These proven solutions provide the lowest possible life cycle cost, the highest reliability and system availability, short project execution time, and a single source of supply for the complete system, including service and spare parts.

ABB commissioned the first mine hoist system in March 2012 and will commission the second in January 2013, enabling the mine to ramp up to full production in the coming months.

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The hoist head frame for the two production hoists at the Majialiang Coal Mine.