Conventional two-room apartment updated with ABB-free@home®

2018-03-01 - High-tech in an old apartment
With the iPad, Kenni Valla can manage the sound, lighting and heating from the sofa

From his sofa, Kenni Valla can manage sound, lighting and even coffee brewing with ABB-free@home in his newly modernized apartment. He has selected comfort in one solution that is easy to handle, program and install.

Kenni Valla's apartment is bright and beautiful with modern furniture, polished walls and white windows. Only interrupted by a raw brick wall and an old Copenhagen downlight lamp that creates contrast and atmosphere in the quality conscious home.

When Kenni took over the apartment, it needed a face-lift. There was yellow everywhere. There was woodchip wallpaper on the walls and the cabling was very old. He decided to update the 57 square-meter apartment, which is located in Ballerup (suburb of Copenhagen) and was built in 1947.

“The apartment needed rewiring. I had already decided that whatever solution I would have, all wires should be concealed in the wall. At the same time, I wanted many sockets and didn’t want any visible cables within my apartment,” says Kenni Valla. “I wanted to have ABB's Impressivo installation products, as this range offers many options in design and functionality, such as TV and internet connectors, as well as USB sockets. I also wanted to have Philips Hue integrated in the system. Even though I put comfort as a high priority, the system needed to be reasonably priced and attractive to others if I decide to sell my apartment later on."

Very easy to program
“With ABB-free@home, there is only one App, and all the features can be found in a widget and can be operated from a mobile phone or an iPad. In addition, it is a very quick and easy program to configure so was ready for use straight away,” says Kenni Valla. “The system is not just for computer enthusiasts. Everybody can find out how to program it, because it is so intuitive.”

SONOS, scenarios and Philips
Kenni Valla has programmed a welcome home scene that he activates with his iPhone and he can turn off everything with a single button press. He has also chosen light scenes for both relaxing and parties. The latest addition are the SONOS speakers, which have been fully integrated into the system.

“The combination of Philips Hue and SONOS is global,” says Kenni. “When I press the party button, the light changes color and the music starts. It is amazing.”

Programmed lighting
On the right side of Kenni's double bed there is a push-button that is very important. It is for his 6-year-old son Elias, who just by pushing the button gets dimmed lighting to guide him to the bathroom via the living room and hallway.

“I have also programmed a special wake-up light that intensifies gradually. When, after 30 minutes, you lie in such a sea of lights you have to get up. Then you can activate the coffee maker on your iPhone or iPad. However, you must remember to place a cup in the coffee maker the evening before,” says Kenni with a smile.

Soon he will also have heat management since the ABB system also offers radiator thermostats for conventional radiators of an earlier date.

High-tech in old apartment
ABB-free@home is controlled by a control unit, which is also called the brain. It has been placed in the wardrobe at the entrance to the apartment, where there is still plenty of room for his outdoor wear. If the neighboring apartment becomes vacant, Kenni would like to put the two apartments together. He chose a brain with high capacity so that he can extend the system into the new apartment in the future, helping to reduce the cost.

The installation time with ABB-free@home and ABB-Impressivo installation products is up to 60 percent less than with ordinary electrical installations. The sockets are easy to install and they are also less expensive and more attractive than conventional ones.

“Normally, the installation work takes eight hours for an apartment. Here it could be done in less than four hours,” says Kenni.

“A future buyer will probably also prefer a smart apartment,” explains Kenni. “Today, the newly updated apartments are sold in one or two days. For non-updated apartments, it takes one to two months.
“The comfort also provides energy savings and minimizes fire risk, because with ABB-free@home, standby features are switched off when you leave your home. ABB-free@home makes good sense when modernizing an old apartment,” concludes Kenni.