2013-11-05 - Showcasing ABB’s innovation, global reach, future vision and system of complete solutions at iREX 2013 held in Tokyo from November 6-9
Over the past few years, ABB Robotics has begun a transition into a “3rd Era of Robotics”—one in which close collaboration between humans and robots is commonplace, solutions are thought of as complete systems instead of discrete pieces, and traditional industrial robots become more reliable and affordable. As the largest robot trade show in the world and one of the most important for understanding where the robotics industry is headed, ABB has chosen the International Robot Exhibition 2013 as the natural venue to showcase a wide variety of technologies that highlight all of these things.

In a global debut, the all new IRB 6700 family will be unveiled to the public for the first time. This 7th generation robot follows more than 30 years of evolution of large industrial robots from ABB—representing a significant and unmistakably solid heritage and once again raising the bar for others to attain. Not only have accuracy, payload and speed been increased, but power consumption has been lowered by 15% and service has been simplified. In total, hundreds of improvements combine with better energy efficiency for a 20% lower total cost of ownership versus the IRB 6700’s predecessor.

Following up on recent developments from ABB Robotics regarding collaborative human-robot interactions for flexible and demanding small parts assembly, our Dual Arm Concept robot will be on hand to demonstrate a real-world application for a forthcoming product. The cell on display has been operating in an actual manufacturing environment for many months and has assembled tens of thousands of eStop switches.

Our industry leading, PC-based, programming and simulation software, RobotStudio, will illuminate the path to fast commissioning through an interactive display. We will also be showing off new software technologies that shed light on a vision of the future in which robots can be monitored and controlled from any device, anywhere.

Further demonstrations will highlight ABB's proactive service technologies as well as new packaging products for the Japanese market and laser cutting solutions. Our service display will include an interactive Remote Service demonstration featuring immediate troubleshooting, automated backups, and life cycle support. Our packaging demonstration will highlight an award winning high speed picking cell and our new 8kg payload IRB 360 FlexPicker. In addition, a laser cutting display will illustrate how robots can add flexibility to both plastic and metal cutting applications.

The ABB Booth at iREX 2013 is full of cutting edge and useful technology for virtually all automation applications. With experts from dozens of application areas on hand to answer attendees questions, this is something you don’t want to miss.

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Global debut of IRB 6700 will be the focus of the substantial ABB booth, but also expect demos and displays regarding laser cutting solutions, proactive service, ease of programming, ease of commissioning and a vision of future technology.



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