UPDATED NEWS: No SW downloading in GSC FI between Tue 12.12. and Thu 14.12. morning

2017-12-12 - Software downloading is down during the mentioned time due to network problem and physical relocation.
UPDATE ON TUE 12.12. 4 pm EET:

Life is full of surprises. The interner network has collapsed in the old warehouse so we will relocate the SW downloading point already during tomorrow Wed. If everything goes well, we can deliver from there Thursday onwards. I suggest you add two days to normal lead times.

Kind regards,
Heidi Pyykko

Original article:

Dear colleague,

We wanted to secure software downloading and therefore, as a safety measure, it did not relocate together with the rest of the workshop in the beginning of December. It is relocated to the new workshop this weekend and that is why we do not have software downloading capability between Thu 14.12. 2 pm EET and Mon 18.12. morning. The cut-off time for new SW orders is 12 pm (noon) on Thu.

If everything goes well, sw downloading is up and running on Saturday and can then serve emergency orders during the weekend (á 600€).