"The Digital Future” is here

2017-01-04 - Singapore’s ARTC (Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre) invited ABB Control Technologies to participate in its “Members’ Innovation Week (MIW) 2016” held on November 24-25.
The event’s theme “The Digital Future” focused on various topics from Automation Technologies, Factory of The Future, Additive Manufacturing to Digital Transformation. The event took place in ARTC’s headquarters, with more than 250 visitors across various industries.

ABB’s Control Technologies, Singapore, showcased the Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) with System 800xA. The state-of-the-art control environment designed with operator effectiveness in mind. EOW with System 800xA empowers operators to consolidate and rationalize data from various sources seamlessly - driving productivity, quality and safety to new levels.

The event re-enforced ABB’s drive towards digitalization across industry sectors, building on its strong position in process control through software and services. ABB has a unique combination of domain expertise that allows it to master the control room in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining, shipping and oil & gas. By focusing on growing segments and bringing together maintenance, operation and control, ABB will drive penetration of strongholds and create differentiation for customers.

The event was followed by Annual ARTC Members’ Dinner attended by ABB's Control Technologies and Robotics management team.