ABB announces milestone annual production in the Czech Republic of 138,000 instrument transformers and sensors

2017-03-23 - In 2016, ABB Brno produced a record number of 138,000 instrument transformers and sensors, which represents an annual increase in turnover of 10 percent and, over the past six years, an even more impressive increase of over 62 percent. This performance was driven by strong export growth, which has doubled over the same time period.

The company’s focus on new, high-voltage applications – such as gas-insulated switchgear, generator circuit breakers and power distribution transformers – were one of the major contributors to this positive growth. As noted by Milan Kuchař, Head of Marketing and Sales in Brno factory, “In the past years, we made significant investments in the development of new products for these segments of our market."

"On a long term basis we have been successful in providing quality solutions and good technical support to our key customers in the OEM, utility and industry business, which has contributed to the growth as well," added Mr. Kuchař.

ABB operates in more than 100 countries and we make a major effort to stay close to our customers and understand their requirements and needs for local markets in terms of certification and homologation, for example. Frequently, we make modifications to our products to meet the needs of particular customers and, in many cases, we have had to develop completely new and different types of instrument transformers for a particular customer.

The global ‘smart grid’ trend, which provides interactive two-way communication between production resources, is now part of the market requirement of more and more of our customers. In accordance with this trend, there is an increased interest in sensor technology, which permits network digitization. ABB started offering sensors in the early 1990s and the current portfolio includes more than 17 different product families and 56 product variants of current, voltage and combined electronic instrument transformers.

By taking a proactive approach to its customers, focusing on the continuous development and updating of products and the providing of strong technical support, all of which is, at the same time, part of adapting to new trends, ABB Brno has been able to retain its position as one of the key players in the market and to continue its growth.

Production hall for instrument transformers designed for high-voltage applications

Current transformers production line