Hiring veterans: Cadet Class strengthens ABB and U.S. Military relationship

2013-11-08 - ABB supplies products and services to the US military and federal government, but the relationship doesn’t stop there. ABB also works with military recruiting programs to hire veterans after their service.
ABB provides systems and services such as energy storage modules, generator power systems, ship power systems and grid monitoring and control systems to multiple agencies within the U.S. Federal Government, the world's largest buyer. However, when it comes to the military, ABB not only supplies, we hire!

The Cadet Class

The Process Automation service group hosts a Cadet Class once a year. Targeting recent college graduates and military veterans, the cadet class is a three month long training program developed to prepare candidates for field service engineering roles within ABB. Glenn Needham, Senior Recruiter for PA Service says, “We recruit military veterans for the Cadet Class because we see a real opportunity to draw on the experience and strengths they have developed in their military training and how applicable their skills are for field service engineering roles.”

PA Field Service Engineer Cadet Class of 2013

Veteran Q&A

Two ABB employees and Navy veterans, Danae Terry and Robert O’Sullivan, sat down to tell us more about their experiences in the Navy and ABB’s Cadet Class. Danae served as an Aviation Electronics Technician for 12 years and was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, and Lemoore, California. Rob served 6 years and started as a Machinist Mate in the Naval Nuclear Program before becoming a Navy Nuclear Operator in Norfolk, Virginia.

How did your service in the Navy prepare you for a career at ABB?

Danae - My work center’s responsibility was to provide parts to the local Squadrons, the maintenance of our test equipment could not have an effect on overall production. This is similar to the service that ABB provides to its customers; we want to impact their production as little as possible with the goal of no impact at all.

Rob - My Navy service prepared me for my first job as a QCS Service Engineer at ABB because I had a very extensive knowledge of the components like pumps, valves, hydraulic controls, electro-mechanical actuators, radiation based detectors, RTD’s, heaters and chilling, distilling and purification units. Even though I did not use ABB products (that I know of) when I was in the Navy, I had both the theory and the hands on practical skills and use of similar equipment that translated well to ABB equipment.

What was the ABB Cadet Class like?

Danae – The cadet class was a lot like Rate/MOS Training. You are given an enormous amount of information in a short period of time. But using my experience with military style training I was able to become familiar with all aspect of the cadet training and focus on building networks within the company.

Rob - The cadet class was three months of classroom training with visits to actual sites to work on the Quality Control System (QCS) as well. I had never had any exposure to paper mills prior to the training, so there was some adjustment to terms and procedures, but in general I had a good basis to begin my work as QCS engineer.