Maintenance release of Connectivity package Ver. for Relion REB500 8.1


A new revision of IED Connectivity Package for the Relion® REB500 series has been released. The designation of this IED Connectivity Package is

The following issues have been corrected in the new revision:

  • Missing Tools when PCM600 culture is set to other than English
    When PCM600 culture is changed from English to any other language (e.g. German), then the IED Tools (e.g. Disturbance Handling Tool) are not available for Relion® REB500 IEDs.

  • Error while importing Relion® REB500 database file with more than six bay units
    It is not possible to import Relion® REB500 database file with more than six bay units to PCM600. Now, Connectivity package supports a maximum of 65 bay units in a database file.
Please note that in order to use the IED Connectivity Package version, PCM600 version 2.6 or later must be installed.

Recommendation to update
We recommend users of Relion® REB500 series version 8.1 (or as also named 8.10) who have experienced any of the issues listed herein to update to this IED Connectivity Package revision.

Installation of this IED Connectivity Package
To install the IED ConnPack for Relion® REB500 series, please use the Update Manager of PCM600 version 2.6 or later.

Known Issues
  • This version of Connectivity Package is not compatible with PCM600 version 2.8. Instead please use PCM600 version 2.6 or version 2.7.

Kind regards,

Krister Hagman
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products