Help convincing customers with safety culture

2010-04-02 - Over the years, our transformer factory has put itself under an enviable safety-driven task for all working areas. There is no room for complacency, but a continuous drive over many years is having its effect: minimizing accidents and strengthening adherence to safety procedures.

Growing awareness

Since the fourth quarter 2009, PPTR has implemented the strategic OHS initiative which includes 30 new instructions. The focus is not just on avoiding incidents but also staying on top of the preventative measures. Training, regular inspections and all employees participation in the OHS initiative play important parts in reinforcing the positive safety culture that ABB regard as paramount.

For an organisation with the size like ABB in Vietnam, the level of incidents is remarkably low. There were no lost time incidents in the first quarter 2010 report. However, a number of 3 near misses and 10 first-aids incidents were recorded and these have shown the right direction in OHS actions plan.

Overall, there is clear evidence of growing safety awareness among ABB employees, which is reinforced by frequent training and effective management.

Honorable achievements

On Jan.2010, our company is awarded for excellent results in OHS activities by the Vietnam Federal Trades Unions Organization.

In a recent Safety Observation report by one of our major important Australian customers, the results are highly remarked:

• Site has been cleaned well and organised.
• Safety Procedure - No personnel were observed breaking safety rules
• Personal Protective Equipment - All personnel were appropriately attired.
• All safety items previously highlighted have been rectified"

Under the eyes of the customer, the transformer factory has made big improvements since the early days in 2006, "I am pleased to see that significant improvement has been made to the safety culture of the organisation", said Peter Norrie of Integral Energy company.