ABB Hungary on the green path

2012-12-23 - ABB Hungary has moved their headquarters operations into one of the country’s most eco- and energy-efficient office buildings.

ABB’s new headquarters in Budapest – "Green House" - is one of the most environmentally efficient commercial development projects on the Hungarian office market, and the first one to be pre-certified to the LEED Platinum level.

"It’s a great milestone for energy efficient and smart buildings in Hungary and Eastern Europe. Sustainability is integral to all aspects of our everyday business, so moving into this new office was a natural choice for us," said Tanja Vainio, ABB's Country Manager in Hungary.

"We are excited to be the first company in Hungary to support this sustainable development both as a tenant and technology partner," she added. "Green House is equipped with ABB’s energy efficient solutions, such as an intelligent building management system, which will contribute to lower energy consumption."

The green office building was carefully planned to create ideal workspaces, while also considering the micro- and macro environment. The avoidance of the equivalent of an estimated 1.93 tons of CO2 per year is expected to result from the use of cutting-edge environmental solutions and technologies, including ABB's KNX- iBus technology, to minimize the building’s environmental impact and energy use.

Intelligent building control systems, solar panels on the roof, environmentally considerate water usage, gray water recycling (ie, wastewater from non-toilet plumbing systems such as wash water, cooking water and rain water collection used for toilet flushing and watering plants), and innovative heating and cooling solutions are all features that guarantee energy efficiency and sustainability, and which will become an integral part of ABB's daily working conditions in Hungary’s greenest office building.

"Green House" has an office area of 17,800 square meters and a roof terrace, a landscaped garden, multilevel underground parking and a bicycle garage. Good accessibility and the availability of services are also essential elements and attractive features of the project: "Green House" can be reached by metro, bus, tram, trolley and car, but the area is also served by multiple bicycle lanes. A direct current electric car charging station is also provided, supporting ABB's commitment to e-mobility. A wide range of services are already available in the neighborhood, but Skanska, the property developer, is also planning additional commercial units in the building (restaurant, café and car wash) to further contribute to an all-round green work experience.

Grzegorz Strutynski, Managing Director of Skanska Property, Hungary, extended a warm welcome to ABB pointing out that "the great relationship between the two companies would only be enhanced through sharing of these premises with Skanska Properties."

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ABB Headquarters in Hungary