ABB advocates smart technology to help Chongqing achieve intelligent upgrading

ABB has attended the annual meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Group for the ninth year in a row, sharing its global experience for the development of Chongqing

Bernhard Jucker, head of the Power Products division and Executive Vice President of ABB
Chongqing, September 21, 2014 –Bernhard Jucker, head of the Power Products division and Executive Vice President of ABB, a leading power and automation technology group, today shared his insights and advice on sustainable urban development at the 9th Annual Meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Group. In the context of Chongqing’s urbanization and industrialization efforts, Jucker advocated the development and application of smart technology to help the city accelerate its development in the coming years. This is the ninth time that Jucker has represented ABB at the annual meeting since it was established in 2006.

Chongqing is the only municipality in Western China directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government, and is one of China’s major economic centers and transportation hubs. As the world's fastest-growing city, Chongqing has become a successful model for urbanization in China. In the first half of 2014, it achieved GDP growth of 10.9%, ranking first among Chinese provinces and municipalities. But such rapid economic growth has also brought problems familiar to other developing cities, such as a sharp rise in energy consumption, power shortages, overcrowding, and air and water pollution.

Bernhard Jucker said: "Faced with similar challenges to Chongqing, cities around the world are increasingly seeing the ‘smart city’ concept as an effective way to achieve sustainable and green development. It would benefit Chongqing to explore the potential of smart technology based on the experience of other smart cities."

In a speech themed "Smart Technology, Intelligent Upgrading", Jucker shared best practices from two other smart cities: Copenhagen, Denmark, and Genoa, Italy. He also presented several successful applications of ABB's smart technologies, such as smart-grid solutions to ensure reliable power supply; smart-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles; intelligent building control systems; and stable power solutions for data centers, in order to illustrate how smart technology is improving the urban environment.

ABB’s smart technologies are already delivering benefits to Chongqing:
  • in 2013, ABB provided efficient and reliable integrated components for the first 220 kilovolt (kV) intelligent substation of the State Grid in Chongqing to improve the reliability of the local grid;
  • at China's largest clean coal power plant, Chongqing Wanzhou Power Plant, ABB provided a ‘Symphony Plus’ automation solution to help the power plant achieve automated operation with high efficiency and low emissions;
  • at Changan Ford’s latest automobile production lines in Chongqing, ABB’s robotic solutions are helping the customer achieve flexible production that can quickly switch between different vehicle models, supporting the automaker to deal with changes in economic conditions and market demand;
  • and ABB’s i-bus® smart home system has been applied in several projects in Chongqing, such as the Nanchuan Stadium and Real Estate Building, helping to achieve efficient, intelligent control of lighting and temperature.

Chongqing is a bridgehead for Western China’s development. With the deepened implementation of the "Western Development" strategy, Central and Western Chinese regions like Chongqing are ushering in rapid development in utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure, and their market potential is increasingly apparent. In the next three years, ABB’s business map will add 100 cities in China, focusing on covering second- and third-tier Chinese cities as well as Central and Western Chinese regions that have greater market potential.

Given the important role of Chongqing in Central and Western Chinese markets, ABB has decided to hold its 2015 “Automation World” fair in Chongqing. This is an annual event for ABB to showcase its cutting-edge, world-leading automation and power technologies and has been staged successfully in China for the last six years. The 2015 event will be the first to be held in a Western Chinese city, demonstrating the importance that ABB attaches to fast-developing Western China.

In Chongqing, ABB has established two factories, namely ABB Chongqing Transformer Co., Ltd. and ABB Jiangjin Turbo Systems Limited, as well as a 4S comprehensive service center, an engineering center, and a complete sales & service network with over 1,000 employees. Established in 1998, ABB Chongqing Transformer Company, with its global design & engineering center, is among the largest transformer production hubs in the world as well as the largest producer of transformer insulation kits in Asia. ABB Jiangjin Turbo System Company, established in 2006, is one of ABB’s global turbo-charging manufacturing centers and operates turbocharger service stations in China’s coastal cities. Chongqing has become an important R&D and production base for ABB in China.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, with 19,000 employees, 37 local companies, and an extensive sales and service network across 109 cities.

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