Introduction of RTU500 series

2013-04-10 - ABB's RTU product portfolio with new structure

Since March 2013 ABB’s remote terminal units (RTUs) are structured as RTU500 series.

All existing and new products are integrated in the different product lines of the RTU500 series to get an easier and clear overview of our offering.

The names of the established modules have not been changed.

In brief, the RTU500 series comprises:

  • RTU560 product line
  • RTU540 product line
  • RTU511 product line
  • RTU500 series modules
  • RTU500 series functions and software

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RTU560 product line
Rack-based products with a scalable, modular platform and redundancy concept
RTU540 product line
DIN rail RTU in a metal housing offering high functionality for limited space requirements
RTU511 product line
DIN rail RTU in a tailored housing offering high functionali­ty for optimized price
RTU500 series modules
For extension of all product lines in the RTU500 series, e.g. multimeters, modems

RTU500 series functions and software
One software to support all product lines with appropriate functionality of specific requirements

Flexible and complete RTU portfolio
The improved structure displays the flexibility and comple­teness of the RTU portfolio.

All products and modules are harmonized to facilitate a combination of different items.

The open architecture of the RTU500 series anables adaptations to a variety of electrical applications as well as process auto­mation. Functional and hardware extensions can be realized quickly and easily.

The product lines of the RTU500 series make it easy to find the perfect match for a specific application.

For further information please have a look at the RTU500 series overview brochure (Brochure, pdf, 4,87 MB) or come back to us.