Electric Utility RX for a Prosperous Future

2017-10-11 - Digital conversation with a double dose of analytics. T&D World article by David Shadle - September 20, 2017
At this stage of our modern-day technological revolution, most everyone is impacted by the pervasive changes spurred by internet connected technology.  As consumers, the internet of things (IOT) drives our communications, learning, entertainment and many other aspects of our lives. In business and industry, the industrial internet of things (IIOT) is bringing about changes in how industrial processes, including those in the power industry, operate, monitor, communicate, store, analyze and even self-diagnose information more and more adeptly.   

We have posted a number of articles on this site regarding the benefits of digital substations, including partial conversions, to increase capacity, reduce space requirements, improve safety and improve substation functionality.  We also touched upon the advantages of digital substation components for monitoring, diagnostics and reliability within the substation.  The networking opportunities extend from there. As one example, for utilities that have upgraded to include multiple substations/digitalized assets, ABB offers the SDM600 System data manager, a comprehensive software solution for automatic management of service and cyber security relevant data across multiple assets. It provides disturbance record handling, cyber security management and maintenance and service data management.  

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