RTU500 series Release 11.2

2014-09-02 - We are proud to announce that Release 11.2 has successfully passed Gate 5. All components are available for sale and delivery now.
  • New hardware:
    • RTU520 new adapter modules for decentralized applications (520ADD03)
    • New multimeter (500CVD21)

  • Protocol improvements:
    • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) now supported in IEC 61850 applications
    • Improved flag handling in IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 applications
    • Reduced startup time for Communication units (CMU) in IEC 61850 systems
RTU520 new adapter modules for decentralized applications
With release 11.2 the RTU520 product line now includes the adapter module 520ADD03. This module enables decentralized input/output (I/O) configurations over a distance of up to 2 km, between adapter modules. The newly-released 520ADD03 reduces the engineering effort considerably, as engineering only needs to be done in the main RTU and no longer in all the remote locations. Furthermore, the 520ADD03 allows the integration of all RTU520 I/Os in the whole RTU500 series.

With the adapter module, flexible configurations, with up to 16 I/O modules per location, are possible.

These configuration possibilities make the RTU520 product line suitable for a wide variety of application deployments with distributed I/O modules.

Thanks to the flexible integration of I/O modules, the RTU520 product line provides an extremely cost-efficient solution, as one less CMU is needed at each location.

In addition, functionality from the RTU500 series can easily be added as required. The RTU520 product line also offers reduced engineering time thanks to the RTU Wizard with which an operator can apply a complete configuration in only a few minutes.

More information about RTU520 product line can be found in the RTU partners portal and on our website.

New multimeter 500CVD21
500CVD21 - fault current detection up to 8 feeders
With the new multimeter, 500CVD21, it is now possible to monitor up to 8 feeders including fault current detection.

With comprehensive functionality and low hardware costs the 500CVD21 is suitable for distribution automation applications.

The multimeter performs measurement functions (U, I, P, Q, f, cos phi), provides fault current detection, with directional information and earth fault detection, and power quality monitoring (harmonics, voltage sags, voltage balance).

The 500CVD21 also offers close integration with RTUtil500.

Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) now supported
PRP is a data communication network standardized by IEC. It allows systems to overcome any single network failure without affecting the data transmission.

In the RTU500 series PRP redundancy is supported for client and server functionalities in IEC 61850 systems.

With the support of PRP the RTU500 series offers now a bumpless switchover in substation automation systems. This is possible because each CMU has 2 Ethernet ports built in, and uses 2 independent networks for communication.

As the PRP function is integrated into the RTU500 series no external devices are necessary. With these improvements the cost of a substation automation system can be reduced, and the availability requirements of our customers fulfilled.

IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 improvements
Fulfilling varied project requirements the RTU500 series now has improved flaghandling, for non ABB SCADA-systems. The integration of NT (not topical) is a flag set for gateway applications, to notify the communication interruption to sub devices such as protection relays. The IV (invalid) flag set is used to indicate faulty devices. With this improvement the RTU500 series now meets the requirements demanded by even more projects.

IEC 61850 improvements
Our RTU research and development team managed to improve the start-up time of the RTU500 series, which is now down to 2 minutes. This improvement significantly saves time in the testing and engineering phase. In configurations with redundant CMUs (warm standby) the switchover in case of hardware failure has now also been reduced significantly. This not only saves time but also money and helps to keep the engineering costs down in the RTU projects.

For detailed information please have a look at the data sheets and the connections and settings. These documents can be downloaded from the ABB library or in the documentation section of our RTU Partners Portal.

Any feedback is most welcome to help us maintain our high quality.

Sincerely yours,
Sigbert Reimann

Global Product Management,
Remote Terminal Units
Substation Automation
ABB Power Systems