Online Product Selection Tool makes requesting quotations for protection relays easy

2017-12-11 - With ABB’s interactive Product Selection Tool (PST), you can request a quotation for protection relays online in a flash. You simply select your product, create a unique order code using the intuitive and foolproof product configurator, add it to the shopping cart and press the ‘Request Quotation’ button.
PST covers the whole distribution automation (DA) offering for both IEC and ANSI markets. The tool allows convenient access to the latest product information, as only the latest product version is displayed. This makes PST both quick and easy to use.

The ability to request a quotation without having to enter the recipient’s e-mail address makes contacting ABB easy, especially when you do not have an established ABB contact from before. Ulrich Aschenbroich, product marketing manager for ABB’s DA business in Germany, has received very positive feedback on the new tool from registered customers:

“PST is an excellent tool for relay configuration, making comparisons and accessing price information. The foolproof configurator removes the risk of configuration errors, and the possibility to add your unique configuration to the shopping cart and press the ‘Send email to’ button makes sharing it with your colleagues fast and easy,” said Mr. Aschenbroich.

PST already has 3,700 registered users from 2,000 different companies in 112 countries worldwide. If you have not yet come across and acquainted yourself with the tool, you can try it here. The link to the tool can also be found on ABB's DA portal. For maximum convenience and ease of access, PST is available not only online, but off-line too.