560HMR01 now available for sales and delivery

2013-10-18 - Fully integrated and complete RTU solution for HMI successfully launched within RTU500 series
We are happy to announce that the new module 560HMR01 for RTU560 product line has been successfully launched. The plug-and-play module is now available for sales and delivery and provides an integrated RTU solution with a state-of-the-art hardware and an up-to-date Windows 7 system.

The new HMI module 560HMR01
The new HMI module 560HMR01 can be easily integrated into an existing RTU560 rack. Consequently the integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the communication unit of the rack can be used with 560HMR01 for an easy and efficient overview of the complete system. Therefore the new 560HMR01 provides a compact and reliable solution with the RTU and station computer out of one hand. The integrated RTU solution is furthermore security approved and is compatible with various third party devices.

The wide range of monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance functions in combination with the integrated HMI enable users to monitor and control their system with up-to-date status information. External laptops and PCs are no longer required thanks to the USB, VGA and audio interfaces which allow a local monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and speaker to be directly connected to the HMI board.

The 560HMR01 comes with preinstalled operating system Windows 7 in a robust and space-saving design and thus provides an state-of-the-art technology with a plug and play functionality.

Benefits of the integrated HMI module:
  • Plug and play: pre-installed operating system for immediate availability of integrated HMI
  • Integrated solution: no separate PC or laptop necessary
  • Reuse of redundant power supply of RTU560
  • Easy cabelling: all connectors located on front plate
  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse can be connected to RTU560
  • Maintenance-free: no rotating parts
  • Space-saving: 90% less space required compared to 19ยดยด industrial PC
  • Cost optimized solution for station monitoring, control and diagnosis

Upgrade for Windows XP installations
As Microsoft has announced that from April 2014 on no updates or support will be available for Windows XP anymore, an upgrade to higher Windows platforms becomes necessary for many users. For stations with an installed RTU560 the new module 560HMR01 provides an integrated solution which does not require any additional power supply or maintenance. With this single module users can solve the end of life problem of Windows XP and upgrade their RTU560 with state-of-the-art hardware and functionality.

More information about 560HMR01 can be obtained on the RTU website and the HMI560 flyer. You can also get in contact with your local ABB contact person.