ABB to install first 420 kilovolt compact PASS switchgear modules in the Middle East

2017-03-01 - ABB is providing the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) with four innovative PASS (Plug-And-Switch System) 420 kilovolt (kV) switchgear modules, which will be used in a reactor-switching application.
The Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) and Larsen & Toubro, a leading Indian EPC contractor, will install the four PASS units early in 2017 at a substation in the ancient oasis town of Izki, Oman. It marks the first PASS installation in the Middle East at the 420 kV voltage level, and will help increase the efficiency of the Omani electrical transmission network.

Customer need
OETC contacted ABB in 2015 about extending an existing 420 kV reactor-switching substation, with the goal of installing four reactors in the Izki area. However, the customer faced serious space limitations due to the design of the substation. In addition, the local utility needed to schedule a long outage during installation of the 420 kV module, because no work was possible below the live line.

    ABB’s solution leveraged previous experiences from similar extension projects in transmission substations, where all the equipment of a high-voltage bay is neatly inserted into the available substation space.

    An ABB solution
    This is possible because the PASS 420 kV solution integrates breaking, disconnecting and earthing functions within a single module, which reduces the required footprint for these functions in a substation by 50 percent compared with equivalent air-insulated switchgear (AIS) equipment. The PASS solution also reduces needed foundation and civil works in new buildings.
      Compact plug-and-switch modules from ABB satisfy every key requirement of the essential switching function. The PASS 420 kV combines the value of AIS and the reduced size of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) technologies, delivering all functions of an entire switchgear bay within a single, multi-functional module. PASS units arrive on site, factory assembled and tested, ready for rapid installation and energization.
        The reliable choice
        PASS 420 kV modules are also suitable for outdoor installations in harsh environments, such as high temperatures, drifting sand and dust, because all critical functions are well-protected over the course of their lifetime in SF6 compartments. PASS technology demonstrated itself to be the best customer solution in terms of function, size, installation and time, reducing transmission downtime to just days instead of the weeks normally needed to install conventional AIS equipment.

        ABB PASS is the most widely installed hybrid switchgear technology in the world, protecting networks in many different climates and applications. Modular design enables highly customizable solutions in a short manufacturing time, supported by a global service organization that is at home, anywhere.